Throwing Shade Renaissance Style

Alternately titled “wherein we learn the Italian art of how to use a salad recipe to insult both the Germans and the English”. Intro The expressions “throw shade“, “throwing shade“, or simply “shade“, are slang terms for a certain type of insult, often nonverbal. Anna Holmes called shade “the art of the sidelong insult”. Merriam-Webster defines it … More Throwing Shade Renaissance Style

Renaissance Mealtime

Renaissance Meals People in the Italies during the Renaissance loved a good handbook; we have massive amounts of prescriptive literature about everything from how to raise a family (Leon Battista Alberti’s Della Famiglia), to how to be a good artist (Cennino Cennini’s Il Libro dell’Arte), to how not to be generally disgusting (Galateo by Giovanni … More Renaissance Mealtime

Historical Italian Feast Recipes

Imagine feasting in this pavilion… On authentic Italian Renaissance dishes such as pork sausages cooked in wine, Rose & lavender drinks, tagliatelle pasta, fried spinach, and lamb meatballs. Would you like to make these at home? Find the recipes at the link below:   Then join us on Artisan’s Row at Gulf Wars for … More Historical Italian Feast Recipes

A Recipe From the 14th Century Anonimo Veneziano

A Recipe from Libro di cucina (Anonimo Veneziano, 14th/15th c.) * — This version based on: Ludovico Frati (ed.): Libro di cucina del secolo XIV. Livorno 1899. * — Other edition in: E. Faccioli: Arte della cucina. Milano 1966, Vol. I, 59-105. (useful notes!) Ambroyno Se tu voy fare ambroyno, toy polastri e smenbrali, toy … More A Recipe From the 14th Century Anonimo Veneziano

Roman Obsession

Why am I posting about the Romans on a site dedicated to re-creating a woman of the Renaissance (Venice/ Ferrara/ Florence 1400-1600)? Because Giata would have been obsessed with these tidbits as well 🙂 Of course, we have more information about the Romans than those curious Renaissance ragazzi. In the spirit of anachronism I do not … More Roman Obsession

Lose Weight The (Ancient) Roman Way

Does the modern prevelance of gastric bypass surgery, breast augmentation, and diet pill infomercials make you wonder if we are the only society obsessed with physical appearance? Well, wonder no more. While we grew up with afterschool specials on the dangers of anorexia and bullemia, the Romans… did not. Read below for an interesting list that I … More Lose Weight The (Ancient) Roman Way