Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Raucous Royal Reblog: Raucous Royal of the Month, Caterina Sforza: Daughter of Perdition  From “…more is always said then the real truth” – Caterina Sforza On August 1483, the 21 year old Caterina Sforza rode up to the Castel Sant’ Angelo as shouts of “Duca! Duca!” cut through the stifling heat. Clad in a green satin … More Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Interview With Paola Fabbri: Expert in Historical Tailoring

  I want to take a moment to thank Signora Fabbri for agreeing to this interview. For those of us on the west side of the Atlantic, this may be the first time a modern historian of the clothing worn in 14th and 15th centuries enters into a dialogue with a living history organization. Signora Fabbri is … More Interview With Paola Fabbri: Expert in Historical Tailoring

Roman Clothing

So now that temperatures mimicking the seventh level of Hades are approaching I thought it might be a grand time to talk about Roman clothing. Done correctly, it is still several layers of foolishness… but if those layers are lightweight linen you’ll fare better in 95 degree weather with 70% humidity. #avoidheatstrokeifyoucan For my basic … More Roman Clothing

Cotton during the Italian Renaissance

The North Italian Cotton Industry 1200-1800 by Maureen Fennell Mazzaoui For information on 1300-1600 see the entire paper here. You can read a summary of the information in the article “Cotton is Period, Really?” here. A) 1100-1300 The silk and cotton industries of medieval Italy were transplanted industries based on technological transfers and raw materials … More Cotton during the Italian Renaissance