Italia con Gigi 2022

A small group of friends have decided to accompany me to Venice, Padua, and Ferrara in February 2022! I put together a custom, elegant, boutique experience for them based on the places I’ve discovered during the past 10 years of solo Italian travel to historical sites both on and off the beaten path. I’m not … More Italia con Gigi 2022

Palazzo Davanzati – An Ancient Florentine Home

From  A rare and magnificent example of a 14th-century residence in Florence, Palazzo Davanzati represents the transitional period between the medieval tower house and the Renaissance palace. The palace was built around the mid-14th century by the powerful Davizzi family of merchants and bankers, in Via Porta Rossa where resided such wealthy Florentine families as … More Palazzo Davanzati – An Ancient Florentine Home

Cosi, The Things and Symbols of the Italian Renaissance

I recently visited our nation’s capitol and had chance to attend a lecture on the symbolism of art in the Italian Renaissance. I have long understood the symbols used in literature and art, but hadn’t put pen to paper for my fellow reenactors to describe how artists decorated household items with symbols appropriate to their purpose … More Cosi, The Things and Symbols of the Italian Renaissance

The Renaissance Home in Italy

In the years between 1400 and 1600 Italians became the most extravagant builders in Europe. Wealthy citizens commissioned magnificent palaces, and displayed their gentility and education through splendid possessions. Many of these objects were novelties. Some, such as glass mirrors and printed books, are familiar to us today. Others, like birth trays, relate to beliefs … More The Renaissance Home in Italy