Nunc est bibendum

In honor of the cherry Visinata/ Vishniak I’m making for Gulf Wars…a few historical drink recipes! Nunc est bibendum… (now is the time for drinking) “Nunc est bibendum” (“Now is the time for drinking”), sometimes known as the “Cleopatra Ode”, is one of the most famous of the odes of the Roman lyric poet Horace, … More Nunc est bibendum

Marsilio Ficino and William of Ockham

Ancient wisdom states, …there is no new thing under the sun. – Ecclesiates 1:9 (New World Translation) Did Renaissance philosophers invent philosophy? Of course not. Marsilio Ficino was a Florentine philosopher, translator, and commentator, largely responsible for the revival of Plato and Platonism in the Renaissance. He has been widely recognized by historians of philosophy for … More Marsilio Ficino and William of Ockham

African Presence In Renaissance Europe

My research on Africans in Europe has led me to understand that aside from those in slavery or servitude there were examples of African generals, Saints, Cardinals, nobility, conquistadors, condottieri/mercenaries, musicians, cooks, pastry chefs, housekeepers, pages, assistants in apothecaries, kitchens, gardens, and stables. In what is now Portugal, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and … More African Presence In Renaissance Europe

Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars

The Ca’ d’Oro Salon is a department at Gulf Wars, a reenactment event held annually near Lumberton, Mississippi. Ca’ d’Oro is a place where we gather, socialize, and learn about post 13th-century arts & sciences in the atmosphere of a 15th-century Italian Salon where artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, nobility, and courtiers would have gathered to pass … More Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars

Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Raucous Royal Reblog: Raucous Royal of the Month, Caterina Sforza: Daughter of Perdition  From “…more is always said then the real truth” – Caterina Sforza On August 1483, the 21 year old Caterina Sforza rode up to the Castel Sant’ Angelo as shouts of “Duca! Duca!” cut through the stifling heat. Clad in a green satin … More Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition