14th – 15th Century Italian Hair Kit

I’ve begun to compile my own hair kit for 14th and 15th-century rievocazione. I have: a sandalwood comb, an ivory stylus, a bone bodkin, false and real hair (both braided and twisted as found in London as discussed in Dress Accessories 1150-1450), decorated metal cased mirror of polished brass, wool yarn, veil pins, several hairpins … More 14th – 15th Century Italian Hair Kit

5 Times Caterina Sforza Was My Spirit Animal

Caterina Sforza, Countess of Forli and Imola, daughter of Galeazzo Maria Sforza (Duke of Milan), wed to powerful men like Girolamo Riario (nephew of Pope Sixtus IV) and Girolamo de’ Medici il Popolano, mother of Giovani delle Bande Nere, AND general keeper of #renaissancewomanmagic is my spirit animal. I love her. She was nicknamed La … More 5 Times Caterina Sforza Was My Spirit Animal

1417 Election of Oddone Colonna as Pope Martin V – 600 Years Ago In Italy

Ever hear of the Colonna family? Most living history enthusiasts interested in the Italian peninsula have heard of Vittoria Colonna a noblewoman and poet who was good friends with Michelangelo Buonarroti in the 1530s. Well, 600 years ago today (November 11, 1417) Oddone Colonna (or Oddo Colonna) was elected pope, ending the Great Schism.   … More 1417 Election of Oddone Colonna as Pope Martin V – 600 Years Ago In Italy

Feminine dress of the 15th century: Emilia-Romagna & Veneto

Two words: side-laced (actually one word)!. This is my new thing, as front-laced gowns do not look that flattering on me. I’ve been looking for information on female dress in the late 15th-century in both Emilia-Romagna and the Veneto. Ferrara is one of my favorite cities, but nearby cities of Rimini, Mantova, and Venice would help … More Feminine dress of the 15th century: Emilia-Romagna & Veneto

Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Raucous Royal Reblog: Raucous Royal of the Month, Caterina Sforza: Daughter of Perdition  From http://blog.raucousroyals.com/2010/05/raucous-royal-of-month-caterina-sforza.html “…more is always said then the real truth” – Caterina Sforza On August 1483, the 21 year old Caterina Sforza rode up to the Castel Sant’ Angelo as shouts of “Duca! Duca!” cut through the stifling heat. Clad in a green satin … More Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Art of Isabella d’Este 

From https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/eascfa/dinner_party/place_settings/isabella_d_este Isabella d’Este (Gonzaga) was a powerful and well-educated political figure, humanitarian, patron of the arts, and mother of seven. Known as “The First Lady of the Renaissance,” she was related to nearly every ruler in Italy either by birth or marriage. D’Este was the oldest of six children born into the ruling family … More Art of Isabella d’Este 

Punto Antico – Drawn Thread Work

Various Sources for Renaissance Italian embroidery/ drawn thread work… I. Punto Antico From http://www.florin.ms/puntoantico.html Drawn-thread work has its origins in the distant past: it is carried out by counting threads and fashioning an infinity of stitches drawn from these basic ones: Square Stitch, right angled or oblique (which surrounds the meshwork and subdivides the work … More Punto Antico – Drawn Thread Work