18th-Century Apothecaries

This blog post is dedicated to the digital exhibition on Apothecaries from Harvard University (https://collections.countway.harvard.edu/onview/exhibits/show/apothecary-jars/sequence). Apothecaries were a branch of the tripartite medical system of apothecary-surgeon-physician which arose in Europe in the early-modern period. Well established as a profession by the seventeenth century, the apothecaries were chemists, mixing and selling their own medicines. They sold … More 18th-Century Apothecaries

Oglio Imperiale – Imperial Oil from Alexis of Piedmont’s Book of Secrets

In 1555 Dei Secreti del Reverendo Don Alessio Piemontese was published in Bologna. In 1558 an English translation of that Italian book of secrets was published (and is now available online in digitized form). This book was wildly popular, translated into several language in the first few years of existence and then published in more … More Oglio Imperiale – Imperial Oil from Alexis of Piedmont’s Book of Secrets

Isabella d’Este “la prima donna del mondo”

Reblogged from https://www.monstrousregimentofwomen.com/2015/02/isabella-deste-la-prima-donna-del-mondo.html Isabella d’Este, marchesa of Mantua (died 13 February 1539) Let Your Highness, I beg of you, keep a tranquil mind and attend wholly to military affairs, for I intend to govern the state with the help of these magnificent gentlemen and officials in such a manner that you will suffer no wrong, and all … More Isabella d’Este “la prima donna del mondo”

Italian Resources for SCA & Reenactors

Ciao Cugini! This post contains a list of groups and websites dedicated to researching pre-17th-century Italian city-states. Contact me on Facebook to have your resource added. I can be found under the user name Giada Magdalena Alberti.  Facebook Groups & Pages Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salone 16th-century Italian Workshop Federico Marangoni/ Italian Reenactment Loggia Vecchio 15th-century … More Italian Resources for SCA & Reenactors