Silk Routes Symposium 2023

A group of POC (people of color), who also happen to be historical costumers, have assembled and are planning a virtual symposium for early 2023. The theme, Silk Routes, is tentative and will be finalized after consultation with costumers who will be teaching for the event. Bookmark this page and also the Instagram account @costumersofcolor … More Silk Routes Symposium 2023


Italia con Gigi 2022

A small group of friends have decided to accompany me to Venice, Padua, and Ferrara in February 2022! I put together a custom, elegant, boutique experience for them based on the places I’ve discovered during the past 10 years of solo Italian travel to historical sites both on and off the beaten path. I’m not … More Italia con Gigi 2022

Caterina Sforza Gli Experimenti Workshop I

Ciao Tutti! Welcome to the first workshop I’m hosting for translating the recipes of Caterina Sforza’s Gli Experimenti. First, let’s learn who she was, what the book is, and talk about the foundations laid by other researchers who have studied her work. The Author Caterina Sforza led a controversial and dramatic life, leaving us with … More Caterina Sforza Gli Experimenti Workshop I