1417 Election of Oddone Colonna as Pope Martin V – 600 Years Ago In Italy

Ever hear of the Colonna family? Most living history enthusiasts interested in the Italian peninsula have heard of Vittoria Colonna a noblewoman and poet who was good friends with Michelangelo Buonarroti in the 1530s. Well, 600 years ago today (November 11, 1417) Oddone Colonna (or Oddo Colonna) was elected pope, ending the Great Schism.   … More 1417 Election of Oddone Colonna as Pope Martin V – 600 Years Ago In Italy

African Presence In Renaissance Europe

My research on Africans in Europe has led me to understand that aside from those in slavery or servitude there were examples of African generals, Saints, Cardinals, nobility, conquistadors, condottieri/mercenaries, musicians, cooks, pastry chefs, housekeepers, pages, assistants in apothecaries, kitchens, gardens, and stables. In what is now Portugal, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and … More African Presence In Renaissance Europe

Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars

The Ca’ d’Oro Salon is a department at Gulf Wars, a reenactment event held annually, where we gather, socialize, and learn about post 13th-century arts & sciences in the atmosphere of a 15th-century Italian Salon where artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, nobility, and courtiers would have gathered to pass the time.  Gulf Wars XXVI of 2017 was … More Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars

Feminine dress of the 15th century: Ferrara

“Agosto” è uno degli affreschi del Salone dei Mesi di Palazzo Schifanoia a Ferrara. È databile al 1468-1470 circa ed è attribuito a Cosmè Tura e al Maestro di Ercole. Durante la seconda metà del XV secolo la veste femminile aveva vita stretta che creava un’elegante gioco tra un corpetto stretto, che evidenzia le forme, […] … More Feminine dress of the 15th century: Ferrara

Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Raucous Royal Reblog: Raucous Royal of the Month, Caterina Sforza: Daughter of Perdition  From http://blog.raucousroyals.com/2010/05/raucous-royal-of-month-caterina-sforza.html “…more is always said then the real truth” – Caterina Sforza On August 1483, the 21 year old Caterina Sforza rode up to the Castel Sant’ Angelo as shouts of “Duca! Duca!” cut through the stifling heat. Clad in a green satin … More Caterina Sforza – Daughter of Perdition

Palazzo Davanzati – An Ancient Florentine Home

From http://www.piccoligrandimusei.it/en/blog/portfolio_page/davanzati-museum/  A rare and magnificent example of a 14th-century residence in Florence, Palazzo Davanzati represents the transitional period between the medieval tower house and the Renaissance palace. The palace was built around the mid-14th century by the powerful Davizzi family of merchants and bankers, in Via Porta Rossa where resided such wealthy Florentine families as … More Palazzo Davanzati – An Ancient Florentine Home

Pier Mattioli’s 16th Century Herbal

Pier Andrea Mattioli from http://penelope.uchicago.edu/~grout/encyclopaedia_romana/aconite/mattioli.html Born in Siena, Pier Andrea Mattioli (1501-1577) was personal physician to Ferdinand I and a prolific commentator on De Materia Medica of Dioscorides, the codex of which Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq had attempted to acquire from the court of Süleyman I (the Magnificent). Although he failed to procure the manuscript, he did return from Constantinople, … More Pier Mattioli’s 16th Century Herbal

Zibaldone by Gigi Coulson

  My book, Zibaldone, is now available at Create Space and Amazon Kindle. To purchase now please visit https://www.amazon.com for an electronic Kindle copy or https://www.createspace.com/6387178 for a softcover physical book. Book Info: During the 15th century, a type of book called a zibaldone became popular on the Italian peninsula. A zibaldone was a commonplace book written in … More Zibaldone by Gigi Coulson