Historical Italian Feast Recipes

Imagine feasting in this pavilion…


On authentic Italian Renaissance dishes such as pork sausages cooked in wine, Rose & lavender drinks, tagliatelle pasta, fried spinach, and lamb meatballs. Would you like to make these at home? Find the recipes at the link below:



Then join us on Artisan’s Row at Gulf Wars for this period lunch feast:

Primo servito di Credenza – First service from the side board

Insalate di cetriolo – cucumber salad

Salciccione cott’in vino – pork sausage poached in wine

Duck breast prosciutto

Bread and butter

Primo et ultimo servito di cucina – First and last service from the kitchen

Lasagne Romani – flat pasta cooked in broth and combined

with grated cheese

Mixed meatballs in Roman style

Fried spinach, dressed with rose scented vinegar, currants and


Secondo et ultimo servito di Credenza – Second and last service from the sideboard


Fresh fruit

All served with a beverage of rose, lavender, and honey

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