Virtual Vigil of Gianna Maddalena Alberti

This coming weekend of An Tir September Crown I will hold a vigil. For those not able to attend this one or the one I will hold at 12th Night I have developed a virtual vigil! I sent out “letters” to those who have helped me along the path to this offer. The basic text, based on a letter Caterina Sforza wrote the Duchess of Ferrara, was as follows:

 I write you from contemplation at Francolino to ask for your wisdom on the subjects which I give attention while on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

I have three query for you. What do you think is the role of a Pelican both as an individual and as an Order of the Society? What are your thoughts on avoiding burnout? What other words do you have for me to consider and hold close to my heart as I contemplate the offer of the Their Royal Majesties An Tir?

I recommend myself to you always. Sent from Francolino on 14 July Anno Societatis LVII.

Filia ac servitrix

Gianna Albertus da Ferrarie

I’d like to open this form up to all who have input on those three questions. I’ll be posting some of the responses on this blog after September Crown.

Send your words to me using this form:

For an explanation of what the heck this all is go to my previous blog post here

Here is a portion of the text from Caterina’s letter to the Duchess of Ferrara. I used her closing sentiments in mine.


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