Ciao! This is the Aromatario del Giglio (Apothecary of the Lily), an extension of the La Bella Donna living history blog. I am Gigi, an herbalist and living history participant who (as you know) loves to indulge herself in historical cosmetic and apothecary products made from authentic recipes of the medieval and renaissance time periods. In my new (Square Market) store I will share products based on my research finds with you and help you indulge yourself in luxurious bath and body products made from authentically reproduced recipes with historical origins (1300 AD – 1600 AD). Each product is made with love by hand in my personal still-room with organic ingredients.

My introductory line-up is as follows:

  • Rossetto – 15th Century Rouge of Caterina Sforza
  • Rossetto – 17th Century Rouge of Michel Notredame
  • Oglio Imperiale – 16th Century Beard and Hair Oil from Alessio Piemontese
  • Polvere Eccelentissima – 15th Century Body Powder
  • Polvere di Capelli – 15th Century Hair Powder
  • Polvere di Veli – 15th Century Veil Powder
  • Polvere di Denti – 16th Century Tooth Powder
  • Sapone Con Le Rose – 16th Century Castile Soap with Rose Petals
  • Contra Rosseza – 15th Century Face Whitener
  • Unguentum Galeni – 2nd Century Cold Cream (Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Healing Cream)
  • Acqua per Mani – 16th Century Handwash
  • Miele e Fiori – Herbal Honey
  • Limone e Lavanda Sciroppo – Lemon Lavender Syrup (Add to water for a refreshment)
  • Mediterranean Sea Sponges – For applying cosmetics and bath products

I am happy to team up with Lady Heodez De Talento Minotto to direct you to complimentary historical perfumes and floral waters that are made from authentic pre-17th century recipes! Her link is also below.

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