Camilla Scarampa

Camilla Guidoboni Scarampa, or Scarampi, was an important literary figure of the 15th-century. She was held in great esteem by Matteo Bandello who dedicated his 13th Novelle to her. She is thought to have been born in Mantua or Milan of the family Scarampo Scarampi. (The blog photo in the header is not Camilla, but … More Camilla Scarampa

Annibale Guasco and Castiglione on Courtly Manners

By Alexandra Coller in “How to Succeed at Court: Annibal Guasco’s Advice to his Daughter” Annibal Guasco’s Ragionamento: A Manual for the Lady at Court Writing in the latter part of the sixteenth-century, Annibal Guasco seems to have had a very different perspective on the role of ladies at court, since he penned a book entirely dedicated to … More Annibale Guasco and Castiglione on Courtly Manners