I found an extant gamurra for a pious working class woman in Mantova circa 1496! Apparel of: Osanna Andreasi Date Created: 1496 Here is the information on Osanna and her dress from Google Art & Culture: This garment, that the tradition associates to the person of the Blessed Osanna, was a long dress, tight in the upper part … More Osanna

Amaretto from 1525

Is this the face of the woman who introduced Amaretto to the world? According to legend, In 1525, Bernardino Luini, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s pupils, was commissioned to paint the sanctuary of a church in Saronno, Italy and needed a model to portray the Madonna, the patron saint of the church. He eventually happened … More Amaretto from 1525

Books By Giata: Translation of Gli Experimenti and Zibaldone

CATERINA SFORZA’S GLI EXPERIMENTI: A TRANSLATION During the Renaissance beauty products and herbal medicines were made in the workshops of monasteries, still rooms of homes large and small, or by alchemists in their storefronts. These arts were part of traditions handed down from Arab, Roman, Greek, and Turkish cultures. Every family had its own book … More Books By Giata: Translation of Gli Experimenti and Zibaldone

Roman Clothing

So now that temperatures mimicking the seventh level of Hades are approaching I thought it might be a grand time to talk about Roman clothing. Done correctly, it is still several layers of foolishness… but if those layers are lightweight linen you’ll fare better in 95 degree weather with 70% humidity. #avoidheatstrokeifyoucan For my basic … More Roman Clothing

Elizabethan Rouge vs. Medicean Rossetto Part 1

Elizabethan make-up is similar to the style of make-up used in Italy a century earlier. “Her face make-up of white powder, rouge and lip dye glazed with egg white had set the fashion for other Elizabethan women. She also plucked her eyebrows and forehead to reveal a greater expanse of white skin, a medieval habit … More Elizabethan Rouge vs. Medicean Rossetto Part 1