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I *do* actually have a real life career (graduate degree & 15 years as a social scientist/environmental planner/multi-million dollar project manager for various Federal agencies), family/friends with whom I interact, and interests (like travel, Bible research, cooking) that are completely separate from my obsession, er, I mean hobby 🙂

Laureata in sociologia e silvicoltura, e con Laurea Magistrale in scienze ambientali, la mia grande passione è la rievocazione storica medievale e rinascimentale. Il periodo di cui mi occupo è la seconda metà del XIV secolo e il Cinquecento a Ferrara, Venezia, Mantova e Firenze. Mi interessano in particolare la cultura materiale, la storia delle donne, la storia della moda, soprattutto quella femminile, e la storia della alchimia. Amo sia il lavoro di ricerca su fonti iconografiche e documentarie sia cimentarmi in tentativi ricostruttivi, in particolare legati all’ambito dell’erboristeria.

You can email me (FleurtyHerald at Gmail) for information on my research papers and classes.

I have also published two booklets you can read about here: https://fleurtyherald.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/books-by-giata-translation-of-gli-experimenti-and-zibaldone/

Research Track & Subjects Taught

  • Sociocultural Anthropology of the Italian Peninsula (Roman, Trecento, Quattrocento, and Cinquecento)
    • Clothing
    • Women (gender issues, pastimes, and comportment)
    • Apothecaries, Herbs, and Herbals
      • Health & Hygiene
      • Cosmetics (Greco Roman & Renaissance)
      • Perfumes in Renaissance Italy
      • Alchemy in Renaissance Italy (Books of Secrets)
    • Hairstyles and Headdresses
    • Games
    • Anthroponomy (Italian names)
    • Heraldry

Below is a summary of my work in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA),

an international historical education organization.

Awards & Honors 

  • Order of the Axe, 2010
  • Order of the Justinian, 2010
  • Kingdom A&S, Highest Scoring Entry, 2011
  • Order of the Argent Keystone, 2011
  • Baronial Officer, Herald, 2012
  • Axemoor Court Herald, 2012
  • Axemoor Baronial A&S Champion, 2012
  • Axemoor Baronial Poet Laureate, 2012
  • Order of the Silver Ram, 2012
  • Order of Condatis, Barony of Axemoor, 2012
  • Apprenticed to Dame Dredda, 2012
  • Order of the Silver Lamp, 2013
  • Gleann Abhann Kingdom A&S Champion, 2014
  • Order of the Laurel, 2015

Acheivement Giata With Laurel


  • Leadership 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Project planning & project management
  • Team-building
  • Proven individual excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Reporting
  • Metrics
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Familiarity with reporting tools (e.g.  Microsoft Office)
  • Research
  • Documentation

Service Positions Held

  • Reservationist, St. Bog, 2008
  • Co-Autocrat, Revel, 2009
  • Reservationist, Investiture, 2011
  • Baronial Officer, Herald, 2012
  • Axemoor Court Herald, 2012
  • Gulf Wars Deputy Department Head, Herald’s Point 2012
  • Reservationist, Kingdom A&S, 2012
  • Ruby Herald, Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, 2013
  • Gulf Wars Department Head, Herald’s Point 2013
    • supervising 20 heralds engaged in armory and name research and completing over 100 submission by 8 Kingdoms.
  • Reservationist, Revel 2014
  • Coordinator for the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon, Artisan’s Row, Gulf Wars 2015
  • Coordinator for the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon, Artisan’s Row, Gulf Wars 2016
  • Department Head of Ca’ d’Oro Salon, Gulf Wars 2017
  • Department Deputy, Ca’ d’Oro Salon, Gulf Wars 2018
  • Department Head of Renaissance Village, Gulf Wars 2019
  • Interim DEI Officer for SCA, Inc.
    • developed DEI officer handbook and strategic plan
    • developed 2 introduction to DEI classes for officers and populace
    • gave those classes 8 times across three kingdoms as well as virtually
    • wrote the non-discrimination policy
    • asked for qualitative Census 2020 to be approved
    • contributed DEI questions to the Census 2020
    • wrote updated language for Corpora IV.B regarding qualifications for consorts
    • wrote updated language for Corpora IV.A
    • Developed an asset map of DEI activity across all kingdoms
    • Offered Title III ADA suggestions for Pennsic
    • *See the President’s Reports for Jan 2019 to October 2019 for my publishable summary of activity.
  • Department Head of Renaissance Village, Gulf Wars 2020 (cancelled)
  • Member of the Board of Directors for SCA, Inc.
    • wrote the sexual misconduct policy
    • provided commentary for the bullying and harassment policy update
    • participated an effort to consider alternative revenue streams for the SCA
    • chaired a committee for social media bright-lines
    • wrote a position description for BoD members for the website

Position Descriptions

Co-autocrat, Revel Event, Axemoor — 2010

Planned and managed a Kingdom-level event. Executed event bid and event contract with venue. Conducted site evaluation, set up event schedule, assigned event tasks to a staff of 15 volunteers.

Baronial Herald, Axemoor — 2011 to 2013

Ensured that award documents were well-stocked, recorded awards given at each baronial event, updated the baronial Order of Precedence, reported recorded awards to Kingdom Herald quarterly.

Reservationist, Kingdom A&S Event, Axemoor — 2012

Managed registrations and registration fees for a baronial event, created accounting spreadsheet, balanced the event budget, reconciled attendee fee income against event expenditures, filed event attendance and budget report.

Department Head of herald’s point, Gulf Wars — 2013

Managed scheduling for 20 volunteer research heralds. Responsible for department budget oversight, training/ mentoring deputy department head, and planning for leadership succession.

Ruby Herald (submissions), Gleann Abhann — 2013 to 2015

Managed heraldic submissions for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. Responsible for processing the official forms, posting them to the OSCAR site for commentary, summarizing commentary, decision and notification of acceptance or return, and forwarding to the Society College of Heralds for final decision.

Department Head of Ca’ d’Oro Salon, Gulf Wars — 2017, 2018, 2019

Managed programming and scheduling, responsible for department budget oversight, developing classes, recruiting instructors, creating /staffing demonstrations of historical arts and sciences, training deputy department head, and planning for leadership succession.

Classes Taught

  • Toilette of Caterina Sforza
  • Spezierie: Italian Renaissance Apothecaries
  • Bassetta
  • Filosofia Cortesana
  • Italian Apothecary Products (Scents & Sensibility)
  • Games Ladies Played (during the Italian Renaissance)
  • Games for Children
  • Persona Development
  • Game of the Goose
  • Introduction to Heraldry
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (What NOT to Wear)
  • Courtly Behavior for Damigellas
  • Persona Development
  • Gaming and the Italian Salone
  • Book of the Courtier
  • Italian Gaming
  • How Not To Be A Brazen Strumpet (Comportment)
  • Scents & Sensibility
  • Roman Cosmetics
  • Bocce Ball
  • Introduction to Heraldry

Projects Submitted for Kingdom of Gleann Abhann A&S

  • Bassetta Research and Redaction, Dec 2014
  • Filosofia Cortesana Translations and Redaction 2014
  • Lettere di Signora Giata, Creative Writing 2014
  • Sappho Poems in Greek 2014
  • Gli Experimenti of Caterina Sforza 2014
  • Comportment for Damigellas Persona Research 2014
  • Galenus Cold Cream Redaction 2013
  • Gleann Abhann Stands Alone, Contrafacta 2013
  • Roman Cosmetics Research 2013
  • 14th Century Italian Clothing 2013
  • Persian Refreshments Research Paper 2013
  • Persian Refreshments Redaction 2012
  • Donne della Rinascimento Persona Research2012
  • Clarea Redaction 2012
  • 16th Century Handwash Redaction, Still Room 2012
  • 16th Century Handwash/Book of Secrets, Research 2012
  • Life Imitates Myth Research 2011
  • The Meaning of Friendship Research 2011
  • Pearl Necklace 2007

Some Classes Taken

  • Introduction to Heraldry, Gulf Wars XVIII 2009
  • Protocol and Precedence, Barony of Axemoor Garb and Grub, 2010
  • Bocce Ball/Italian Gaming (i.e. Basset), THL James the Beekeeper and Maestro Damiano Elie Bellini, APA 2010
  • Courtesy and Flirtation, Sir Drogo of Axebridge, APA 2010
  • Italian Dance, Mistress Julian ferch Rhys and Sir Caedmon of Jorvik, APA 2010
  • How to Hold the Stage, HE Rasvasz Janos, APA 2010
  • Vinegar Preparation, Barony of Seleone, OS Ren Faire 2010
  • Ten Herbs for First Aid, THL Morin Inghen Ruairc, GW XX
  • Thieves Vinegar Method, ibid, GW XX
  • Herbal Honey, ibid, GW XX
  • Herbal Paternoster Beads, Baroness Stasi, A&S Night 6/2011
  • Fibulas, Baroness Martha, A&S Night 6/2011
  • Roman Games of Chance, Gulf Wars XXII
  • Sententia Bona (What makes a good motto), KWHSS 2013
  • Documenting a Name (not quite within an inch of its life), KWHSS 2013
  • What to do With Your Arms Now That You’ve Got Them, KWHSS 2013
  • Achievements of Arms, KWHSS 2013


  • Build a period living space for War events (Check)
  • Attend an event in persona (Check)
  • Become a subject matter expert on Renaissance Italy 1450-1520 (Check)
  • Build a reputation in teaching, service, and mentoring future leaders in teaching/service to share all I’ve learned (Check)
  • Develop at Renaissance Department at Gulf Wars (Check)
  • Create the Known World Italian Symposium annual virtual event (Check)


Master Charles de Bourbon, An Tir

Mistress Raffaella di Contino, An Tir

Mistress Cristiana de Huntington, An Tir

Duchess Mary Grace of Gatland, Atlantia

Mistress Franca Donato, Meridies

Mistress Maymunah al-Siquillah, Gleann Abhann

Dame Etheldred NicEoghainn, Gleann Abhann

Mistress Martha Effingham of Stewart Kepe, Gleann Abhann

Duke John the Bearkiller, Gleann Abhann