I *do* actually have a real life career (graduate degree & 15 years as a social scientist/environmental planner/multi million dollar project manager for various Federal agencies), family/friends with whom I interact, and interests (like travel, Bible research, cooking) that are completely separate from my obsession, er, I mean hobby 🙂

Laureata in la sociologia, la silvicoltura, e scienze ambientali, la mia grande passione è la rievocazione storica medievale e rinascimento. Il periodo di cui mi occupo è la seconda metĂ  del XIV secolo e il cinquecento en Ferrara, Venezia, e Firenze. Mi interessano in particolare la cultura materiale, la storia della moda, soprattutto quella femminile, e la storia della alchimia. Amo sia il lavoro di ricerca su fonti iconografiche e documentarie sia cimentarmi in tentativi ricostruttivi, in particolare legati all’ambito erboristeria.

You can email me for information on my research papers and classes.

Research Track

  • Sociocultural Anthropology of the Italian Peninsula (Roman, Trecento, Quattrocento, and Cinquecento)
    • Clothing
    • Women (gender issues, pastimes, and deportment)
    • Apothecaries, Herbs, and Herbals
      • Health & Hygiene
      • Cosmetics (Greco Roman & Renaissance)
      • Perfumes in Renaissance Italy
      • Alchemy in Renaissance Italy (Books of Secrets)
    • Hairstyles and Headdresses
    • Games
    • Anthroponomy (Italian names)
    • Heraldry

Honors and Volunteer Positions in the SCA

  • Harvest Home (first event), 2007
  • Reservationist, St. Bog, 2008
  • Co-Autocrat, Revel, 2009
  • Order of the Axe, 2010
  • Order of the Justinian, 2010
  • Kingdom A&S, Highest Scoring Entry, 2011
  • Reservationist, Investiture, 2011
  • Order of the Argent Keystone, 2011
  • Baronial Officer, Herald, 2012
  • Axemoor Court Herald, 2012
  • Axemoor Baronial A&S Champion, 2012
  • Axemoor Baronial Poet Laureate, 2012
  • Order of the Silver Ram, 2012
  • Order of Condatis, Barony of Axemoor, 2012
  • Gulf Wars Deputy Department Head, Herald’s Point 2012
  • Apprenticed to Dame Dredda, 2012
  • Reservationist, Kingdom A&S, 2012
  • Gulf Wars Department Head, Herald’s Point 2013
  • Order of the Silver Lamp, 2013
  • Ruby Herald, Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, 2013
  • Gleann Abhann Kingdom A&S Champion, 2014
  • Reservationist, Revel 2014
  • Coordinator for the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon, Gulf Wars 2015
  • Order of the Laurel, 2015
  • Coordinator for the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon, Gulf Wars 2016
  • Department Head of Ca’ d’Oro Salon, Gulf Wars 2017

achievement small 2014


Classes Taught

  • Toilette of Caterina Sforza
  • Spezierie: Italian Renaissance Apothecaries
  • Bassetta
  • Filosofia Cortesana
  • Italian Apothecary Products (Scents & Sensibility)
  • Games Ladies Played (during the Italian Renaissance)
  • Games for Children
  • Persona Development
  • Game of the Goose
  • Introduction to Heraldry
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (What NOT to Wear)
  • Courtly Behavior for Damigellas
  • Persona Development
  • Gaming and the Italian Salone
  • Book of the Courtier
  • Italian Gaming
  • How Not To Be A Brazen Strumpet (Comportment)
  • Scents & Sensibility
  • Roman Cosmetics
  • Bocce Ball
  • Introduction to Heraldry

Badge for Gigi_Coulson


  • Make my Laurel proud! (Check)
  • Build a period living space for War events
  • Attend an event in persona
  • Become a subject matter expert on Renaissance Italy (Check)
  • Build a reputation in teaching, to share all I’ve learned


Projects Submitted for Kingdom of Gleann Abhann A&S

  • Bassetta Research and Redaction, Dec 2014
  • Filosofia Cortesana Translations and Redaction 2014
  • Lettere di Signora Giata , Creative Writing 2014
  • Sappho Poems in Greek 2014
  • Gli Experimenti of Caterina Sforza 2014
  • Comportment for Damigellas Persona Research 2014
  • Galenus Cold Cream Redaction 2013
  • Gleann Abhann Stands Alone, Contrafacta 2013
  • Roman Cosmetics Research 2013
  • 14th Century Italian Clothing 2013
  • Persian Refreshments Research Paper 2013
  • Persian Refreshments Redaction 2012
  • Donne della Rinascimento Persona Research2012
  • Clarea Redaction 2012
  • 16th Century Handwash Redaction, Still Room 2012
  • 16th Century Handwash/Book of Secrets, Research 2012
  • Life Imitates Myth Research 2011
  • The Meaning of Friendship Research 2011
  • Pearl Necklace 2007


Some Classes Taken

  • Introduction to Heraldry, Gulf Wars XVIII 2009
  • Protocol and Precedence, Barony of Axemoor Garb and Grub, 2010
  • Bocce Ball/Italian Gaming (i.e. Basset), THL James the Beekeeper and Maestro Damiano Elie Bellini, APA 2010
  • Courtesy and Flirtation, Sir Drogo of Axebridge, APA 2010
  • Italian Dance, Mistress Julian ferch Rhys and Sir Caedmon of Jorvik, APA 2010
  • How to Hold the Stage, HE Rasvasz Janos, APA 2010
  • Vinegar Preparation, Barony of Seleone, OS Ren Faire 2010
  • Ten Herbs for First Aid, THL Morin Inghen Ruairc, GW XX
  • Thieves Vinegar Method, ibid, GW XX
  • Herbal Honey, ibid, GW XX
  • Herbal Paternoster Beads, Baroness Stasi, A&S Night 6/2011
  • Fibulas, Baroness Martha, A&S Night 6/2011
  • Roman Games of Chance, Gulf Wars XXII
  • Sententia Bona (What makes a good motto), KWHSS 2013
  • Documenting a Name (not quite within and inch of its life), KWHSS 2013
  • What to do With Your Arms Know That You’ve Got Them, KWHSS 2013
  • Achievements of Arms, KWHSS 2013