Death By Vanity – The History of Makeup Poisioning

Taken from: She had been the 18th century equivalent of Angelina Jolie; a celebrity who caused men to faint in awe of her beauty. Maria Gunning was the eldest of the four daughters of John Gunning of Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon, Ireland, she and two of her sisters were known as the … More Death By Vanity – The History of Makeup Poisioning

Roman Obsession

Why am I posting about the Romans on a site dedicated to re-creating a woman of the Renaissance (Venice/ Ferrara/ Florence 1400-1600)? Because Giata would have been obsessed with these tidbits as well 🙂 Of course, we have more information about the Romans than those curious Renaissance ragazzi. In the spirit of anachronism I do not … More Roman Obsession

Lose Weight The (Ancient) Roman Way

Does the modern prevelance of gastric bypass surgery, breast augmentation, and diet pill infomercials make you wonder if we are the only society obsessed with physical appearance? Well, wonder no more. While we grew up with afterschool specials on the dangers of anorexia and bullemia, the Romans… did not. Read below for an interesting list that I … More Lose Weight The (Ancient) Roman Way

Italian and Spanish Rolls of Arms and Impresa

For those interested in viewing period heraldry here is a list of Rolls of Arms (with links) containing pre-17th century Italian and Iberian examples: Armorial of the Order of the Annunciation, 1362 and later, Italian Armorial of Cataluña, Castille and Portugal, 15th-16th century, Iberian William Bruges’s Garter Book c.1430 to c.1440 English roll of European … More Italian and Spanish Rolls of Arms and Impresa

Roman Cosmetics

Want to know the beauty secrets of Roman women? Read on for the notes from my research paper on Roman Cosmetics.   In order to recover aspects of the lives of historical women I have looked to sources on their dress and mannerisms. Most recently I have found information on their beauty products that gives … More Roman Cosmetics