Italian Renaissance Apothecary Jar – The Alberello

I was looking at a few of the alberelli (plural) online because I happened to meet a few artisans interested in making some for the historical apothecary. I wanted to show you all a few images of extant pieces and then think about the common threads between them all. My heraldic colors are red and gold, but I don’t see many extant alberelli in those colors. Blues, yellows, and a little orange, maybe, but not red. So, I’ve accepted that perhaps I would modify my own heraldic charges to similar colors 🙂
I started by perusing the Metropolitan Museum of Art Online. They have 43 alberelli listed that are dated from 1400-1600. You can see them all here*&when=A.D.+1400-1600&pg=1
Lorie Bolduc of Whitehart Designs has made a lovely plate with a nice Renaissance fleur and posted the photo of it on her facebook page here
lorie bolduc plate maiolica
I found a piece from the Renaissance period with a similar fleur:
quantara alberello with fleur
This one (below) is at the Met and is 12 inches tall (likely 6 inches in diameter at the widest point).
Alberello Met SF-1975-1-992
This one from Christies (on the far left) is 17″ tall. It is blue and white with bit of yellow.
Now I’m on a roll. This group is lovely! Although completely out of my price range.
For my own reenactment purposes, it would be nice to have a couple that are 12″ high and 6″ wide… and a couple that are more handy, like 8″ tall and 4″ wide.
Have you ever commissioned pottery or ceramics for your persona kit/ living history efforts?

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