Salons of the Italies II 2021

Known World Italian Symposium: Salons of the Italies II is happening across the Known World April 23-24, 2021.

Visit our KWIS: Salons of the Italies II event website for a full list of class descriptions, the schedule, and the zoom links for April 23-24!…/salonsoftheitalies/home

The schedule for the event will be posted on the event website as well as on the Facebook event discussion feed here:

Here is a link to the schedule we have lined up including two classes by instructors who are living history participants from Italy!!

Various links from the event discussion:

Filomè, Filomè, voglio stare insieme a te; sul sofà, sul sofà, con lo zicolo zicolo za. Bevilo tutto, bevilo piano, Bevilo tutto piano piano. Bevilo tutto, bevilo piano, bevilo tutto piano piano. ..e l’ha bevuto tutto e non ja fatto male l’acqua fa male lu vino fa cantà.


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