Gulf Wars XXV Schedules

It’s almost time!! 21 more days. Are you ready?

GW countdown to ca' d'oro salon-3


Less than one month away… and I am *so* looking forward to all the activities our little Ca’ d’Oro Salon has planned:

paisley flyer


Especially the period mid-day feast the community is putting together complete with cormary, saor, pasta, sorta, and comfits:

Menu-gulfwars xxv


So without further adieu here are the latest schedule graphics as well as a list of the classes, activities, and instructors*:



  • Elizabeth I: A Love Story & A Poem by Madame du Pont
  • Foreign Card Games by Monseigneur Yves de Fortanier
  • Clothing of the Italian Wars by Baroness Franca Donato
  • Money Through the Ages by Maestra Giata
  • Coursing: History & SCA Practices by Baroness Jac d’Anjou
  • How to Be in Persona by Madame du Pont
  • Eating Medieval from the Grocery Store by Mistress Martha Effingham
  • Principles of Italian Trade by Luca Sogliano
  • Caterina Sforza’s Toilette by Maestra Giata
  • East/West Textiles – The Silk Trade by Mistress Maymunah bint Da’ud
  • Italian Hats by Baroness Franca Donato
  • 1600 Years of Herbals by THL Seamus O’Caellaigh
  • Period Cooking Demo by the Ca’ d’Oro Community
  • Mid Day Feast on Tuesday
  • Apothecary Demos by Maestra Giata
  • Bocce Ball Tournament by Madame du Pont and Monseigneur Yves
  • Enchanted Ground & Bardic by Madame du Pont
  • *All herbal classes scheduled and taught by THL Morin (Botanical Coordinator for Artisan’s Row)



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