Veronica Gambara

Veronica Gambara’s (1485-1550) family boasted a number of distinguished intellectuals, including her grandmother and great-aunt, Ginevra and Isotta Nogarola. Educated in literature, philosophy, and languages at an early age, Veronica became a poet early in life. She married her cousin, Giberto X, Countof Coreggio, in 1509.       They were apparently well suited. Giberto felt … More Veronica Gambara

Laila Akhyaliyya – Female Voice Of Antiquity

“HE WAS HONEY—NO, I SEE A BEEHIVE HIS LIKENESS.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Dorothy Disse Laila Akhyaliyya, a member of a noble family of the ‘Uqail (in what is now Iraq), lived in the later 600s, and knew two of the Umayyad caliphs whose dynasty led the Islamic world from 661 to 750. She may have been … More Laila Akhyaliyya – Female Voice Of Antiquity