Name Consult 101 by Fleurtyherald

The first rule is that this website is your best friend, search it, read it, know it, love it: (particularly) You should also especially love this page: which is a more comprehensive guide on name research without books. In this class you get the quicksteps that are my tried and true method. … More Name Consult 101 by Fleurtyherald

Italian Surnames From a Cinquecento Armorial

I wanted to share this information on 16th Century Italian Surnames as researched by Coblaith Muimnech, who holds the copyright to the text. Signor Muimnech has separately indexed the place names and house names found in the armorial. Below is a map of the origin of names he listed. Excerpt List of Names from Coblaith’s … More Italian Surnames From a Cinquecento Armorial