Repost: 16th Century Drawn Thread Handkerchief By Genoveva von Lubeck Drawn thread work likely began in the 16th century and was popular in Italy, Germany, Sweden, and England. I discovered it while researching pleated aprons and I theorize that some German aprons utilized drawn thread techniques based on imagery. Drawn thread work can be seen in a simple form on … More Repost: 16th Century Drawn Thread Handkerchief     

German-Italian Relations During the Renaissance

My dear friend and fellow reenactor, known to some as Herr Nicolas, portrays a Burgundian (of all things!). We both love persona development and want to attend some event activities “in persona”. The following is what I have found so far during my recon research into how our respective personae would have thought of each … More German-Italian Relations During the Renaissance

When Was The Renaissance?

I was reading up on an Italian scholar of the 15th Century names Leonardo Bruni. Here is a blurb written on him in the Encyclopedia Britannica: Leonardo Bruni, also called Leonardo Aretino    (born c. 1370, Arezzo, Florence[Italy]—died March 9, 1444, Florence), Italian humanist scholar of the Renaissance. Bruni was secretary to the papal chancery from 1405 and served as chancellor of Florence from 1427 until his … More When Was The Renaissance?

Italian Lunch Feast Menu & Gulf Wars XXIV Schedule

Menu for our period lunch feast next Friday at Gulf Wars (click here to donate and reserve your space!): Primo servito di Credenza – First service from the side board Insalate di cetriolo – cucumber salad Salciccione cott’in vino – pork sausage poached in wine Duck breast prosciutto Bread and butter Primo et ultimo servito … More Italian Lunch Feast Menu & Gulf Wars XXIV Schedule