Italy Travel Videos

Ciao! I am excited to announce the launch of my new travel vlogs on YouTube! Join me as I explore some of the most beautiful destinations in northern Italy. In my first video, I’ll be sharing the itinerary for my one day in Venice during February of 2022. Coming soon are packing tips for travel … More Italy Travel Videos

Surviving the Corona Virus: Medieval Italian Style

The spread of the Covid-19 virus has triggered an epidemic of advice. This advice is important, but it seems destined to make our lives more miserable and isolated. However, there is an unusual source of counsel which offers another way to deal with an epidemic. That source is the Decameron. The Italian Renaissance author Giovanni Boccaccio wrote the Decameron in … More Surviving the Corona Virus: Medieval Italian Style

Palazzo Davanzati – An Ancient Florentine Home

From  A rare and magnificent example of a 14th-century residence in Florence, Palazzo Davanzati represents the transitional period between the medieval tower house and the Renaissance palace. The palace was built around the mid-14th century by the powerful Davizzi family of merchants and bankers, in Via Porta Rossa where resided such wealthy Florentine families as … More Palazzo Davanzati – An Ancient Florentine Home

Lucrezia Tornabuoni

Lucrezia Tornabuoni: Business Woman, Political Adviser, Poet by Sharon L. Jansen (original article here) Lucrezia Tornabuoni, c. 1475, portrait by Domenico Ghirlandaio A member of one influential Florentine family, the Tornabuoni, Lucrezia Tornabuoni married into another influential family, the Medici. It is possible, of course, to write about Lucrezia Tornabuoni exclusively in relationship to the … More Lucrezia Tornabuoni

Sonetti Lussuriosi di Pietro Aretino

See full post at Excerpts from a lovely book on Florence and the Sonnets of Pietro Aretino: “This was Mama’s city, her spiritual home, the place where it all began: Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo, the Medici…, the cradle of the Renaissance, the discovery of the world and of man.” “I I were to describe and … More Sonetti Lussuriosi di Pietro Aretino

Illegally Fashionable – Sumptuary Laws In Renaissance Florence

Fleurtyherald’s Tidbits on Sumptuary Laws The first sumptuary office in Florence, known as the Ufficiali delle donne, was created in 1330 to enforce all of the sumptuary bans adopted that year. By the fifteenth century, secret denunciations made by Florentine citizens and placed in boxes known as tamburi, were a commonplace. The cities of Florence, … More Illegally Fashionable – Sumptuary Laws In Renaissance Florence