14th – 15th Century Italian Hair Kit

I’ve begun to compile my own hair kit for 14th and 15th-century rievocazione. I have: a sandalwood comb, an ivory stylus, a bone bodkin, false and real hair (both braided and twisted as found in London as discussed in Dress Accessories 1150-1450), decorated metal cased mirror of polished brass, wool yarn, veil pins, several hairpins … More 14th – 15th Century Italian Hair Kit

Italian Headwear

My target year for living history persona is 1499. I am completely enamored with all of the northern Italian city-states of that period. Sometimes, I dress for a little bit later (1550 Venetian) and sometimes, I dress for an earlier time period (1412 Florentine). In italy the fashion changed with every decade. This entry will … More Italian Headwear