Known World Italian Salon & Symposium

The Known World Italian Salon & Symposium (KWISS) will be held during Gulf Wars (GW), an autonomous incorporated 9-day event held in Mississippi. KWISS will include classes, demonstrations, activities, and tournaments focused on the historical arts and sciences of the Italian peninsula. KWISS activities take place during the heavily attended final Wednesday, March 18, 2020 to Saturday, March 21, 2020.


KWISS will be hosted and held on the land allocated to the Renaissance Village, a department of Gulf Wars and home of the Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon. The Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon founder, Maestra Giata Alberti, will be the event steward for KWISS with the support of this amazing staff:

  • DEPUTY STEWARD – Betty Eyer (Mistress Maymunah Al-Siquillah)
  • EXCHEQUER LIAISON – Heather Mbaye (Baroness Sibella Denton)
  • CLASS/ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR – Kathy Milne Whitaker (Baroness Dianora Cellini)
  • COOKING COORDINATOR – Andrea Mobley (Mistress Halimah of Calontir)
  • LOGISTICS/STRUCTURES COORDINATOR – Eric Whitaker (Baron Elijah Cameron)
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Steph Sitzes (Mistress Arianna Stefana)


See Gulf Wars Class Booklet or go online to these links


Da Vinci Challenge & More!

cooking at kwiss 2020


Bocce Ball Tournaments ~ Italian Gaming ~ Italian Dancing ~ Musical Concerts ~ Italian Bardic Circle ~ Rapier Tournament & MORE!