German-Italian Relations During the Renaissance

My dear friend and fellow reenactor, known to some as Herr Nicolas, portrays a Burgundian (of all things!). We both love persona development and want to attend some event activities “in persona”. The following is what I have found so far during my recon research into how our respective personae would have thought of each … More German-Italian Relations During the Renaissance

Italian Lunch Feast Menu & Gulf Wars XXIV Schedule

Menu for our period lunch feast next Friday at Gulf Wars (click here to donate and reserve your space!): Primo servito di Credenza – First service from the side board Insalate di cetriolo – cucumber salad Salciccione cott’in vino – pork sausage poached in wine Duck breast prosciutto Bread and butter Primo et ultimo servito … More Italian Lunch Feast Menu & Gulf Wars XXIV Schedule

Bassetta – A Renaissance Italian Card Game

Bassetta, as researched by Giata Magdalena Alberti Introduction Bassetta, according to Giovanni Florio’s Worlde of Wordes is a card game in Renaissance Italy. Game historians list Bassetta, known as Basset in English and Bassette in French, as the most notorious multi-player gambling pastime of Europe from the 15th to 18th Centuries. It is considered a … More Bassetta – A Renaissance Italian Card Game

Filosofia Cortesana

Introduction In 1587 a tratado entitled “La Filosofia Cortesana Moralizada”, was circulated in Spain. The booklet describes the rules of a board game of the same name, Filosofia Cortesana, created by Alonso de Barros (Feros 2002, Martinez Millan 1996). Akin to the modern game titled “Life” or “Chutes and Ladders”, players use pieces to move … More Filosofia Cortesana