Ca’ d’Oro

Ca’ d’ Oro Italian Salone

The Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salone is a group focused on the cultures that existed before the 17th-century on the Italian peninsula. We call this group a virtual Salone based on the historical salon concept, specifically the 15th & 16th-century Italian Salons where artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, nobility, and courtiers would have gathered to pass the time away from the scrutiny of church or state. We emulate those “unsupervised intellectuals” in this Facebook group.

Our Facebook Group is here:

Ca d’Oro in An Tir

In An Tir, Ca’ d’Oro is a group of members of the SCA enamored with la Serenissima and the surrounding provinces of Venezia on the terraferma. We welcome other Venetians and Italophiles to correspond with us about our research into the Italies.


Obsessed with Emilia & Romgana. Giata is a bone fide Traveler, Thinker, Dreamer.


Studies food, court life, women’s lives, and women’s health.


Is our resident maven and sewist. She has researched women’s clothing, hairstyles, and accessories across the Veneto.

Ancora Impariamo

We are still learning