18th-century Beauty: Toilet of Flora

Dipping my toe into the waters of 18th-century beauty manuals and to no surprise books of secrets are still being printed. One book that I find in many of my research digs is the English translation of Toilette de Flore by Pierre-Joseph Buc’hoz. When I searched for information on Buc’hoz there was very little information available in English.

Big bummer. I had questions!

  • Why did he write this book?
  • What were his credentials?
  • Who translated it, exactly?

I mean, yes, the English version is available in facsimile online at various locations including archive.org and gutenberg.org and both those versions include the publishing information. 1779, London, Printed for J. Murray and W. Nicoll. That information is also available on the title page of the book. Still, I wanted to know more. Yes, I could just peruse the volume and choose a recipe to make and move on… but is that the kind of living historian I wanted to be? No. 

So, after a few more hours of scouring the internet for more I have prevailed! 

To find out what I learned, tune into this video on my LaBellaDonna Historical YouTube channel —

Also, here is a painting of a woman at her toilette by Pietro Longhi of Venice:

Pietro Longhi, Dame bei der Toilette circa 1760

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