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We now have a Renaissance Village YouTube Channel!

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Renaissance Village YouTube Call for Content

Title Card RenVill Call for Content


Transcript of video with instructions on how to submit your content to us:

Buongiorno amici!

I am Maestra Giata, founder of the Ca’ D’Oro Renaissance Salon, the heart of the Renaissance Village. For those who don’t know us, welcome to our company of unsupervised intellectuals, avid history nerds, and romantics hopelessly in love with human ingenuity.

Villagers, I see you sharing your talents and research every year in our physical village, but I spend most of the year communicating with you virtually. Let’s use this year as an opportunity to grow our village online.

I am challenging you to record yourself and share those ordinary but extraordinary things you’ve learned. I want to see you share what you love, what inspires you.

The world is experiencing a once in a lifetime event. Let’s provide a reminder that humanity has lived through these things before, and our lives are proof that we made it through. At the same time, we can teach skills that will be useful if our worst fears come true.

What is a renaissance, if not a joyful explosion of the human spirit? A celebration of our intelligence and our humanity in the face of ignorance. During this dark time, we can remind people that the light is still burning, no matter how hard things get.

If people are at home learning to bake bread, let’s teach them how to make butter, then a knife, then a table, then a candle, and then a song to sing with friends. Life is more than bread.

These are the kinds of submissions we’re accepting for our YouTube channel:

  • SCA style classes up to an hour in length. These can cover any topic you think will work in video format. If you had a class planned for War, share it! Something you normally teach at home? We’d love to see! Teach your passion and people will be excited to learn.
  • Demonstrations of a single skill, up to ten minutes long. Shorter is fine! It just needs to be long enough to properly document the process. One skill per video, please! Cutting a quill, sewing a rolled hem on a veil, a single tablet woven pattern, making a simple syrup, a single dance, how to wear hose with garters, proper rapier stance, that sort of thing.
  • Explanations  of a historical event, a particular time period, or a single cultural practice you find fascinating. These can be up to 10 minutes long and should feature you sharing those amazing tidbits of history that you find. You don’t have to be an expert, just explain what you know, and share why you find it so interesting or relevant.
  • 5 minute (or less) book reviews of everything from primary sources written before 1600, to modern non-fiction history books. Give us a quick description of the topics covered. Let us know: Is it useful? Is it accurate? Is it interesting?  Give the book a rating of up to 5 stars.
  • Performance pieces, up to 10 minutes long, with a single work per video. Bards? This means you! We want to hear your original songs, stories, and poems. We want to hear you perform period songs, stories, and poems! In fact, if you have a particular passage from a period text you love, send us a video of you reading it, and tell us why you love it. If you want to dress up in garb and send us a video of you simply being in persona, talking about contemporary events, we’d love it!


There’s just a few rules:

  • No modern obscenities.
  • No denigrating language, for you or anyone else.
  • Keep your topics SCA specific. Pre 1600 history, please!
  • Your video title must be SHORT and DESCRIPTIVE.
  • Make sure to introduce yourself with your persona name. You can use your mundane name as well if you choose.


If you have experience making videos, go ahead and skip forward to my description of how to upload your video.

If you’re feeling intimidated, don’t. Your video doesn’t have to have five star production to teach a useful skill or an interesting bit of information.

You’re going to record a video with your phone. You’ll need to prop it up, and you can make something for free, just google up how to make a phone stand. Or you can order one on Amazon for a few bucks.

Make some short videos to experiment with the best place in your home for sound and light. Do what you can to find a plain background to be in front of, but don’t stress about it. Focus on what you know and what you want to share.

If you’re going to be talking to the camera, try putting something with a face next to it for you to focus on. Think about sharing with someone you love to talk to.

If that sounds terrifying, film your video by focusing on your hands at work, holding an item you are talking about, or some other way to film something other than your face. That’s fine! We’re here for your knowledge, it’s perfectly fine if you’re shy.

Once you’ve finished there are two ways to send your video to us.

First, upload your video to Google Drive. This service comes free with every Google or Gmail account (which is also free), so if you don’t have one you can sign up and have one in a few minutes. Make sure your video has the final title you’d like to use, and then share it That’s it!

If you don’t use Google Drive or that sounds too complicated, that’s ok! Send an email to and let us know your persona name, what type of video you’re sending, and the title you’d like used for your video. We will then send you a link where you can upload the video. It will be too large to send in email.

(We can even use your FaceBook live videos!)

I’m so excited to see what you share! If you’re as eager to see as I am, make sure to like this video and subscribe to our Renaissance Village channel.

Ci vediamo la prossima volta, amici! (That means, until next time, friends!) Ciao!



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