Ca’ d’Oro Salone in An Tir!

The Ca’ d’Oro Salone has found hostesses in An Tir! I, Maestra Giata Magdalena Alberti, have partnered with Maestra Raffaella di Contino and a team of #AnTirItalianPersonae to kick off the Salone season at June Fair.

For those who haven’t been to a Salone before here is a brief introduction:

The Ca’ d’Oro Salone in An Tir seeks to expand the study and recreation of the Italian Renaissance period covered by the Society of Creative Anachronism within the Kingdom of An Tir through an immersive environment dedicated to post-13th century history. Inspired by the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars. The Ca’ d’Oro Salone in An Tir aims to foster scholarship within the various avenues of study within the Renaissance era which found its humble beginnings in 14th-century Italy before spreading northward through western Europe revolutionizing life and culture into the 16th-century and paving the way for the later Enlightenment period. The Salon will offer a wide array of classes ranging from general history, social history, philosophy, games, material culture, gender, economic, apothecary, medical, and even military history as well as hosting special activities and artisan demos.

The Italian salone during the Renaissance, within a historical context, provided a safe scholarly environment for “unsupervised intellectuals” where new ideas and ideas re-discovered from the scholars of Ancient Greece, Rome, and Africa could be discussed without scrutiny from either church or rulers. Often sponsored by learned and influential nobility, these salons and the discussions that flowed out of them aided the change from a medieval world view into an early modern, humanist world view from the Italian peninsula across the cultural and intellectual landscape of Europe.

Grazie and ci vediamo!

2 thoughts on “Ca’ d’Oro Salone in An Tir!

  1. I look forward to meeting you at West An Tir War. We cook a fair amount of Italian food at the cooks playdate. If you’d like to set up your Salon in the cooks playdate, that would be fine. We have lots of space.

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