Ca’ d’Oro Salon at Gulf Wars XXVIII 2019

The Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon and Renaissance Village department hosts an immersive A&S experience and is located on Laurel Lane across from the Theatre. Ca’ d’Oro offers a variety of classes and demos focused on post 13th-century life. In addition to offering over 50 classes, we host a period Apothecary, dedicated period cooking area, Interkingdom Bocce Ball Tournament, Lacemaking pavilion, and an Enchanted Ground area. There will be bocce ball and socializing at the main pavilion daily, and an Italian Personae Social on Friday from 6–9 PM.

Click here to see the online schedule for details.

This coming Gulf Wars we have grown from just 1 period pavilion with 30 classes for the week to over 60 classes and demos across 5 pavilions, an outdoor cooking area, and two bocce ball fields! Our classes, demos, socials, and other activities will run on the following tracks located in dedicated places at the Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon & Renaissance Village:

  • Ca’ d’Oro Regent Pavilion
    • Daily socializing and department information
  • Lace Pavilion
    • Lacemaking and more
  • Orient Lounge
    • Tea Time, period games, and library hours
  • Apothecary Pavilion
    • Demos and classes
  • Outdoor Cooking Area
    • feat. Dining Fly
    • Demos and classes
  • Event Tent 30×30
    • Ca’ d’Oro Ball & Social
    • Musical Concerts
    • Italian Personae Social
    • Roman Area
    • Japanese Area
  • 2 Bocce Ball Courts & Dayshade
    • Interkingdom Bocce Ball Tournament
    • Populace Bocce Ball Tournament
    • Open play opportunities all week


Our schedule is available at this link and will be updated daily at war with additions in green and cancellations in red:

Ca’ d’Oro & Ren Village Schedule 2019 LINK



We are located on Laurel Lane right next to Artisan’s Row and across from the Performing Arts stage


Here is a preview of some of our scheduled activities:

  • Monday, 6:30-8:30PM: Ca’ Social & Ball
  • Thursday, 8-9PM: Vince Conaway
  • Thursday, 10 AM–2 PM: Interkingdom Bocce Ball Tournament
  • Friday, 6–9 PM: Italian Personae Social

Short Salon schedule v1 2019-2

…and music for the week:

  • Monday at the Ball our Music Ambassador, Merewen, will fiddle her fingers off playing. We also need others to come play instruments.
  • Wednesday for the Nobles Dinner, 5 to 6pm Juliana Harper of Meridies will play Harp!!
  • Thursday Gui (Richard Sullivan) of Trimaris doing Song and Poetry at 7:30pm followed by Vince and him playing the Dulcimer at 8pm!!
  • Friday at the Social Juliana will also come to play Harp from 6pm to 7pm.
  • Friday at the Social, at 7pm Colin Darby Of Ansteorra to tell the tale of William Marshal: No Ordinary Knight !!



Salon and Ren Village Layout Map Plan 2019
Layout of the Renaissance Village Department featuring the Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon





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