My Caterina Sforza Obsession

As you know, I’m obsessed with #CaterinaSforza. Her life, her Gli Experimenti alchemical still-room book, her legend, and her historical ties to the noble houses of Europe as a Sforza and a Medici have long fascinated me. I have sought out the sites of note from her life on my own during every visit to Italy. I’ve been to Milan, Forli, Imola, Castel Sant Angelo… I literally tried to crawl through the gate to get close enough to touch Ravaldino (until I realized I would probably get arrested).

I even published my own translations of 24 of her beauty recipes. I still have so many questions about her, though. Where is the original transcripts of Gli Experimenti and could I ever arrange to view it? Is this painting really her? [La dama dei gelsomini, by Lorenzo di Credi

(Pinacoteca Civica di Forlì), presumed portrait of Caterina Sforza]. Will I ever get to meet her biographer, #ElizabethLev @lizlevrome?

Well, who knows?

But I finally found a company that specializes in tours based on places from Catalina’s life @caterinasforzaexperience !! I’ll be posting about them in September when I visit.

#labelladonnahistory #livinghistory #lizlevrome #15thcentury #gliexperimenti

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