Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars XXVII

In just two weeks (March 10-18, 2018) our Salon will be up and running at Gulf Wars! We are located on Laurel Lane just across from the Performing Arts stage. Look for the argent and Or banners. Our google document schedule is located here.

Gulf Wars XXVI

What is a “Salon”?

The Renaissance “salon”, within a historical context, provided a safe scholarly environment where new ideas and ideas re-discovered from the scholars of Ancient Greece and Rome could be discussed without scrutiny from church or government. Often sponsored by learned and influential nobility, these salons and the discussions that flowed out of them aided the change from a medieval world view into an early modern, pre-enlightenment world view across the cultural and intellectual landscape of Europe.

The Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon is a Gulf Wars department and class area where we explore the study and recreation of the Renaissance period through an immersive environment dedicated to post-13th century history. The Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars aims to foster scholarship within the various avenues of study within the Renaissance era which found it’s humble beginnings in 14th century Italy before spreading northward through western Europe revolutionizing life and culture into the 16th century and paving the way for the later Enlightenment period. The Salon offers a wide array of classes ranging from health & hygiene, fashion, general political history, social history, material culture, gender, economic, and military history as well as hosting special events and artisan demos.

Our Classes & Activities

Our schedule this year is full of amazing activities (like bocce ball tournaments and dances), great classes (for example, 15th Century Italian Condottieri and their Armor), and social hours for artisans, thinkers, or muses to relax and have fun. Everyone is welcome to come attend a class, watch a demo, bring and play their musical instrument, have refreshments, play a board game, and enjoy the “war with no enemies”.

Go to this link for the living Google Documents schedule for the Salon, which will be updated daily during Gulf Wars:

Don’t miss the opportunity to view a Japanese tea ceremony!

Tea ceremony.png

Come to our period cooking demo!

Cooking Demo Menu ecru


**Ball – Monday Night 6:30-8:30 PM French and Italian dance, live music, and refreshments.

**Académie de Chivalry (3 part class where you receive a 50-page handout and a red cap upon completion)

**Author, Seamus O’Caellaigh, Prince of the Principality of the Summits in An Tir, will speak about the ills of Henry VII and the herbs and treatments.

**Populace Bocce Ball Tournament Friday at 10 AM

**Social Friday night  6 – 9 PM then we promenade over to the Known World Party. There is a special musical guest at 7 PM! (Stary Olsa, a medieval band from Belarus)

Here is a map of Gulf Wars, we are located across from the Sable & Gules theatre stage next to Page School & Artisan’s Row. Look for the lion’s head on the map.



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