Nunc est bibendum

In honor of the cherry Visinata/ Vishniak I’m making for Gulf Wars…a few historical drink recipes! Nunc est bibendum… (now is the time for drinking) “Nunc est bibendum” (“Now is the time for drinking”), sometimes known as the “Cleopatra Ode”, is one of the most famous of the odes of the Roman lyric poet Horace, … More Nunc est bibendum

Marsilio Ficino and William of Ockham

Ancient wisdom states, …there is no new thing under the sun. – Ecclesiates 1:9 (New World Translation) Did Renaissance philosophers invent philosophy? Of course not. Marsilio Ficino was a Florentine philosopher, translator, and commentator, largely responsible for the revival of Plato and Platonism in the Renaissance. He has been widely recognized by historians of philosophy for … More Marsilio Ficino and William of Ockham

Bycocket and Veil in 14th Century Italy?

This combination is explored in detail by Anna Attiliani of Tacuinum Medievale. Read her full blog post here For a partial repost, I’d like to show you a few sources from Larsdatter of the bycocket, or “cappello a punta” (pointed hat) as Anna calls it.     The “pointed hat” is very common in the 14th-century hunting … More Bycocket and Veil in 14th Century Italy?