Gulf Wars XXVI – Ca’ d’Oro Salon

Thanks to the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon community it only took three years and we are now our own area at Gulf Wars! 58 days to go!!


So, we have a new location!!! The Ca’ d’Oro Salon is now its own standalone area of Gulf Wars. We will host late period (1350-1600) activities and also some Roman discussions (since the Renaissance Italians loved classical Roman everything). Our primary focus, though, will be a period experience. So we will have period pavilions, furniture, lighting, etc. We will ask that visitors conceal any modern items, and will try to lead by example  . Our location will be between the Page School and the Youth Combat Tent along Laurel Lane. If you know where the empty pool is, we will be just along the wooden fence that encloses the pool area. 

GW XXVI Map Detail.png
The Salon (the red/gold star) will be on Laurel Lane just to the left of the pool.

Gulf Wars XXVI Map Link

The schedule is developing and we will be putting an ad in the site booklet with the list of activities and times. Sir Brian’s 15th-century company, The Argent Lion, is also providing support for this area so will see him (Scott Wilson ) along with Luciano Di GiovanniNeil Gray, et al) there and in full period awesomeness. It is because of you all (especially Cynthia du PontGretchen Allen Johns and company) that this is happening, so I thank you for your support of a period spot where people can escape some of the mundanity at war. We will be succession planning so if you are interested in becoming a deputy for this area please message me. The deputy for this year is Madame Cynthia du Pont but we do need one other this year in case next year I have made the complete move to Ferrara, Italy.

More info on schedules will follow!



Our progress:


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