Zibaldone by Gigi Coulson


My book, Zibaldone, is now available at Create Space and Amazon Kindle. To purchase now please visit https://www.amazon.com for an electronic Kindle copy or https://www.createspace.com/6387178 for a softcover physical book.

Book Info:

During the 15th century, a type of book called a zibaldone became popular on the Italian peninsula. A zibaldone was a commonplace book written in the Italian vernacular containing handy information for the owner in a portable bound volume. Welcome to my book, the zibaldone of Giata Magdalena Alberti. Herein you will find information that I have found useful as I relive and re-create the Renaissance.

ISBN 1535007478 / 9781535007474

Giata Magdalena Alberti's photo.
The table of contents (shown below) should provide you with an idea of the major topics and page count. The “notebook” is written in a casual style but contains citations along with a full bibliography. You get information I’ve found in my research on the listed topics.
About the author:

Gigi Coulson lives in New Orleans and, in her real life, is a biologist, sociologist, and ethnographer. She has a graduate degree in the sociology of natural resource management. Her 15-year career in environmental planning has given her a chance to effect changes in the way social impacts are assessed along with environmental impacts while NEPA is being followed. Aside from the fulfillment of her work life, Gigi loves to study history and volunteers with an international non-profit educational organization to reach others about life in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Her historical research is focused on the 14th and 15th centuries in norther Italy. Her main interests are women’s lives, sociocultural development, herbalism, fashion, and alchemy. She travels to Venice, Ferrara, and Bologna often to conduct research for her classes and publications.

Laureata in la sociologia, la silvicoltura, e scienze ambientali, la mia grande passione è la rievocazione storica medievale e rinascimento. Il periodo di cui mi occupo è la seconda metà del XIV secolo e il cinquecento en Ferrara, Venezia, e Firenze. Mi interessano in particolare la cultura materiale, la storia della moda, soprattutto quella femminile, e la storia della alchimia. Amo sia il lavoro di ricerca su fonti iconografiche e documentarie sia cimentarmi in tentativi ricostruttivi, in particolare legati all’ambito erboristeria.

You can visit her blog at https://labelladonna.net/

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