Suggested Listening: “Io non compro più speranza” by Marco Cara

Love Marchetto Cara!

Classical Conditioning

Today’s SUGGESTED LISTENING for the CLASSICAL MUSIC SKEPTIC brings together two very different renditions of an Italian Renaissance classic.  Here’s Marco Cara’s Io non compro più speranza, performed below by Marco Beasely, tenor, with the Accordone Ensemble (Italy); and The Bastard Sons of Dioniso, rock band (Italy).

About the Composer:

Marco Cara (1470?-1525?) was the 16th-century equivalent of a singer-songwriter.  Except, instead of working for a record label, he worked for a super-rich family of Italian noblemen (the Gonzaga of Mantua, if you were wondering).  And instead of guitar, he played lute.  (Fun fact: the proper term for a lute player is lutenist.  If you say “lutist”, your music history TA will laugh at you.  Trust me, I know.)  Cara was, and is to this day, one of the most famous composers of frottole — that’s plural of frottola, a type of Italian secular song.  In the 15th and…

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