Suggested Listening: “Io non compro più speranza” by Marco Cara

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Today’s SUGGESTED LISTENING for the CLASSICAL MUSIC SKEPTIC brings together two very different renditions of an Italian Renaissance classic.  Here’s Marco Cara’s Io non compro più speranza, performed below by Marco Beasely, tenor, with the Accordone Ensemble (Italy); and The Bastard Sons of Dioniso, rock band (Italy). About the Composer: Marco Cara (1470?-1525?) was the 16th-century equivalent of…

Cotton during the Italian Renaissance

The North Italian Cotton Industry 1200-1800 by Maureen Fennell Mazzaoui For information on 1300-1600 see the entire paper here. You can read a summary of the information in the article “Cotton is Period, Really?” here. A) 1100-1300 The silk and cotton industries of medieval Italy were transplanted industries based on technological transfers and raw materials … More Cotton during the Italian Renaissance

Ilaria del Carretto- A Mother Memorialised in Marble (Part One)

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Jacopo della Quercia, Tomb of Ilaria del Carretto, c.1406, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Lucca. On the 8th of December 1405, Ilaria del Carretto- wife of Paolo Guinigi, Lord of Lucca- died in childbirth. As the mother of Paolo’s first-born son Ladislaus and daughter (named Ilaria after her mother), Ilaria is commemorated…

Italian Laurel Elevation of Giata Magdalena Alberti

An Italian Elevation: Research and Implementation  Giata Magdalena Alberti Kingdom of Gleann Abhann A.S. L     Io, Giata Magdalena Alberti, questo giorno impegno fedeltà alla corona di Gleann Abhann e prometto di fornire il mio armi in tempo di guerra, la mia arte in tempo di pace, e il mio servizio nel momento del bisogno.  … More Italian Laurel Elevation of Giata Magdalena Alberti

Isabella d’Este

Isabella d’Este: A Renaissance Woman by Lorenzo Bonoldi (Author), Clark Anthony Lawrence (Translator) “Isabella d’Este (Ferrara 1474 – Mantua 1539) was already defined in her lifetime as “The first lady of the world”, and remains today one of the most brilliant characters of the Italian Renaissance. The first-born daughter of Duke Ercole of Ferrara and Eleonora of Aragon, at … More Isabella d’Este

Italian Letter Writing & Laura Cereta

Over the years I’ve gathered examples of letters written in period. Perhaps you will find this information helpful when composing a letter of recommendation, commendation, or other correspondence (especially in persona). Let’s start with a solid resource. In Principles of Letter Writing or Rationes Dictandi (Ars dictandi) translated by James Murphy it states: “There are, … More Italian Letter Writing & Laura Cereta