Cotton during the Italian Renaissance

The North Italian Cotton Industry 1200-1800 by Maureen Fennell Mazzaoui For information on 1300-1600 see the entire paper here. You can read a summary of the information in the article “Cotton is Period, Really?” here. A) 1100-1300 The silk and cotton industries of medieval Italy were transplanted industries based on technological transfers and raw materials … More Cotton during the Italian Renaissance

Ilaria del Carretto- A Mother Memorialised in Marble (Part One)

Originally posted on Renaissance Mothers:
Jacopo della Quercia, Tomb of Ilaria del Carretto, c.1406, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Lucca. On the 8th of December 1405, Ilaria del Carretto- wife of Paolo Guinigi, Lord of Lucca- died in childbirth. As the mother of Paolo’s first-born son Ladislaus and daughter (named Ilaria after her mother), Ilaria is commemorated…

Italian Laurel Elevation of Giata Magdalena Alberti

An Italian Elevation: Research and Implementation  Giata Magdalena Alberti Kingdom of Gleann Abhann A.S. L     Io, Giata Magdalena Alberti, questo giorno impegno fedeltà alla corona di Gleann Abhann e prometto di fornire il mio armi in tempo di guerra, la mia arte in tempo di pace, e il mio servizio nel momento del bisogno.  … More Italian Laurel Elevation of Giata Magdalena Alberti

Isabella d’Este

Isabella d’Este: A Renaissance Woman by Lorenzo Bonoldi (Author), Clark Anthony Lawrence (Translator) “Isabella d’Este (Ferrara 1474 – Mantua 1539) was already defined in her lifetime as “The first lady of the world”, and remains today one of the most brilliant characters of the Italian Renaissance. The first-born daughter of Duke Ercole of Ferrara and Eleonora of Aragon, at … More Isabella d’Este

Italian Letter Writing & Laura Cereta

Over the years I’ve gathered examples of letters written in period. Perhaps you will find this information helpful when composing a letter of recommendation, commendation, or other correspondence (especially in persona). Let’s start with a solid resource. In Principles of Letter Writing or Rationes Dictandi (Ars dictandi) translated by James Murphy it states: “There are, … More Italian Letter Writing & Laura Cereta