Tudor Bathing – An Italian Renaissance Application

Just remember that most of what the Tudors were in the habit of doing as far as hygiene was being done in Italy a century or more before 🙂 Reposted from http://onthetudortrail.com/Blog/resources/life-in-tudor-england/tudor-hygiene-part-1-bathing/ Tudor Hygiene Part 1- Bathing “One of the misconceptions of popular history is that concern for hygiene and sanitation is a recent – and … More Tudor Bathing – An Italian Renaissance Application

Ortus Sanitatus 1491

A rare medieval book gives an insight into the medical practices used 500 years ago. It has gone on display for the first time at the University of Aberdeen. The De Hortus Sanitatis, which translates as the Garden of Health, shows some of the medical methods practiced in Scotland five centuries ago. The book, first … More Ortus Sanitatus 1491