Wash Balls Recipe from Notandissimi Secreti de L’Arte Profumatoria



rose lavender crushed in mortar

Cut very fine, put in a basin and splash with rosewater. Mix and
incorporate well. Then set in the sun, steeped in the
rosewater for two weeks, and mix every day. Ten days in
the sun will suffice in July or August. Mix and sprinkle with
rosewater until the soap is thoroughly purged and loses its
foul smell. Next take half an ounce of mahaleb [kernels of
the cherry Prunus mahaleb] and make sure it is ground to a fine
powder. Sprinkle with a little rosewater in a mortar until
immersed. Add half an ounce of liquid storax [balsam from
the bark of Liquidambar orientalis], one carat of musk and six
drams of spike oil. As you grind the musk, take the oil and a
little rosewater and incorporate them together. Then make
into little soaps using moulds or form them into little balls.
Dry them in the shade, wrap in cotton and put in a box.
– Giovanventura Roseto (1555
Notandissimi secreti dell’arte profumatoria)

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