Strozzapreti Pasta

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Throughout much of modern history, the Italian language has had fewer words in its lexicon than most other languages, and that includes its cousins, the Romance languages. Granted, the gap has lessened over the last century but the fact that it existed at all is because Italian, being…

German-Italian Relations During the Renaissance

My dear friend and fellow reenactor, known to some as Herr Nicolas, portrays a Burgundian (of all things!). We both love persona development and want to attend some event activities “in persona”. The following is what I have found so far during my recon research into how our respective personae would have thought of each … More German-Italian Relations During the Renaissance

Arts & Sciences Research Paper #6: The Perception of Greek Women through Archaic and Classical Literature

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Our sixth A&S Research Paper comes to us from Hypatissa Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina, of the Barony of Stonemarche; she is using the lens of literature to further our understanding of the perception of Greek women in history. (Prospective future contributors, please check out our original Call for Papers.) Good Wife; Bad Wife:…