15th Century Roman Garb?!?

So, I really love the hot and humid summers of southeastern Louisiana. Really, I do. I would much rather deal with the heat than the cold of the far north. However, at outdoor events, I hate sweating through three layers of garb and literally being soaked all day. I came across this painting from the 1520’s. This Peruzzi painting of Apollo and the Muses is representative of how a 15th century Florentine or Venetian would have viewed Roman dress:

Baldassarre Peruzzi 1520s Rome Galleria Palatina in Palazzo Pitti - Apollo and Muses

It’s not historically accurate for the Roman era, but it is certainly historically accurate for “dress up like Romans” for me in persona. I’m including a link on accurate Roman dress for those who are interested:

Roman Garb Basics from Anna’s Rome: Ancient Roman Garb Basics

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