Sonetti Lussuriosi di Pietro Aretino

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Excerpts from a lovely book on Florence and the Sonnets of Pietro Aretino:

“This was Mama’s city, her spiritual home, the place where it all began: Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo, the Medici…, the cradle of the Renaissance, the discovery of the world and of man.”

“I I were to describe and ideal day, it would be this: up early and out for fresh bread and fruit, drink caffelatte with Sandro, boiled egg for me, say good-bye to Sandro; work on the Aretino until noon (wash and clean every page, mend every tear, pare down leather), salami and cheese and pane toscano for lunch, with maybe a small glass of Chianti; lie down on my back for an hour and relax until my mind becomes perfectly calm, like the smooth surface of a pond, so that it can reflect divine radiance; resume work; take a long walk with no destination in mind; sit on an orange crate by window and watch piazza until Sandro comes home; mess around, go out to dinner, talk about the day’s work, come home… read, sleep.”


“According to art historian Giorgio Vasari, Giulio Romano, Raphael’s greatest pupil employed Marcantonio Raimondi to make a series of engravings of sixteen erotic drawings, sometimes known as the Sixteen Pleasures, and Pietro Aretino made matters worse by writing a sequence of indecent sonnets to accompany the engravings… the engravings were mentioned in Ariosto’s Supposti (1526) but were originally published in 1523.”

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