My Vigil and Elevation, in 1500 words or less.

A description of her beautiful ceremony, Latin oath, and apothecary goodies 🙂

The Stillroom Book

So, at Kris Kinder in the Kingdom of Calontir, I sat vigil during the day in preparation for evening court and my elevation to the Order of the Laurel.  In true me fashion, I was working on some stuff until late Friday evening, but I had gotten everything done in time to be abed before Midnight.

My parents made the trip up to see the event, which was neat.  It was my father’s first event and my mother’s third-ish (she had previously been to a local revel of the Barony in the city they live in when I was younger, and to an event where I did feast, where she worked in the kitchen all day).  They had a really good time, and did some Christmas shopping while they were at it.

My vigil began around 9:45.  The room decorations where handled by my Laurel, Baroness Fionnuala, with help from…

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