Italian Feast at Gulf Wars

I’m happy to announce that I have readied the menu for a period Italian fundraiser feast at Gulf Wars. The feast will be held at the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon and Italian Apothecary on Artisan’s Row. We will serve three courses made as they would have been in 15th century Italian city-states. To offer your donation via credit card simply go to my Etsy shop and select the dinner:

Lochac Freya Feast 2004

I want to share some of the research I did to prepare the menu. First I found the website of an amazing Laurel named Helewyse de Birkestad. She has done extensive research on the cookbook of Bartolomeo Scappi. It was her page that led to me to his recipes, and I’ve posted some of her text in this article. You can find his book by search this citation:

Scappi, B., Opera : (dell’ arte del cucinare).  Reprint. First published: Opera di M. Bartolomeo Scappi. Venice, 1570. 1981, Bologna: Arnaldo Forni.

Or by visiting the online version of Scappi’s dell’ arte del cucinare here. If you need help with some of the Italian ingredients Florio’s online Italian/English dictionary of 1611 might help. Another great link for medieval and renaissance food is Gode Cookery.

Gleann Abhann Coronation Feast

You might also benefit from reading Helewyse’s page on her first Italian feast complete with menu, service order, and recipes. I especially loved these dishes:

Primo servito di Credenza – First service from the side board
Biscotti – two styles of biscotti, one flavored with fennel the other with cracked coriander seeds
Salciccione cott’in vino – pork sausage cooked in a red wine broth, served cold and sliced
Mustardo amabile – sweet mustard
Uva fresca di piu sorte – many types of fresh grapes
Insalate di verdura – green salad
Tortelleti di herba alla Lombardo – Lombard style herb stuffed pasta (served hot with olive oil and cheese on top).

Primo et ultimo servito di cucina – First and last service from the kitchen
Galline ripiene – stuffed roasted chickens
Pane con olio – bread served with rosemary scented olive oil.
Piselli freschi soffrigato con buttiro – fresh peas fried in butter

Secondo et ultimo servito di Credenza – second and last service from the sideboard (all cold)
Formaggio in fettatine – cheese in small slices
Mele et pere crudo di piu sorte – uncooked apples and pears of many sorts
Marroni arrostiti, servita con pepe, zuccaro et sale sopra – roasted chestnuts served with pepper, sugar and salt

Levata la tovaglia – Table raising
Cialdoni fatta a scartocci – wafers made with white flour
Stecchi profumati – scented toothpicks (some soaked in rosewater, others in mint tea)

I do hope to see you all at Gulf Wars! Be sure to reserve your feast spot as soon as possible 🙂

Giata at Feast

Helewyse’s References:
Romoli, Domenico. La Singolare dottrina di M. Domenico Romoli. In Venetia : presso Gio. Battista Bonfadino, 1593.
From the website:

Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco (14th/15th c.) * (Anonimo Veneziano)  * — This version based on: Ludovico Frati (ed.): * Libro di cucina del secolo XIV. Livorno 1899. Translation in English available here  (hereafter referred to as Libro di cucina)

Platinas on right pleasure and good health.  A critical abridgment and translation of De honesta voluptale et valetudine 1999.  Mary Ella Milham.  Pegasus press.  Asheville NC. Fourth book recipe 16.

The fruit, herbs & vegetables of Italy: an offering to Lucy Countess of Bedford.  Giacomo Castelvetro, Gillian Riley.  1989 Viking, New York, NY.

An Italian Dictionary, By Alfred Hoare, M.A. Second Edition.  Cambridge University Press 1925.

A dictionary Italian & English, Formerly compiled by John Floria and since his last edition, anno 1611, augmented by himselfe in his life time with many thousand words and thuscan phrases.  Now most diligently revised, corrected and compared with la Crusca and other approved dictionaries extant since his death and enriched with many considerable editions.  Printed by T. Warren for Fa. Martin, Fa. Allestry and the Dicas, and are to be sold at the signe of the Bell in S. Pauls Church-Yard.  MDCLIX.


For Gulf Wars the menu is:

Primo servito di Credenza – First service from the side board

  • Insalate di cetriolo – cucumber salad
  • Salciccione cott’in vino – pork sausage poached in wine
  • duck breast prosciutto
  • bread and butter

Primo et ultimo servito di cucina – First and last service from the kitchen

  • Lasagne Romani – flat pasta cooked in broth and combined with grated cheese
  • mixed meat meatballs
  • spinach with onions and prunes

Secondo et ultimo servito di Credenza – second and last service from the sideboard

  • biscotti
  • fresh fruit

All served with a beverage of honey and rose water

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