Name Consult 101 by Fleurtyherald

The first rule is that this website is your best friend, search it, read it, know it, love it: (particularly)

You should also especially love this page: which is a more comprehensive guide on name research without books. In this class you get the quicksteps that are my tried and true method. Ready?

Heraldic Bingo Trumped By IM
What NOT to ask for…

So, you’re “the herald” and you’ve been asked about a name someone desires to register. This class provides a quick process of helping them (especially when you don’t have books or know offhand a lot about the name construction in the time/place they desire). The first step is to find out where they came up with the name. Ask for sources and explain that for a name to be registered it must meet the standards of the College or Arms. Basically, the name (or device) must be not only plausible for a particular time and place but must also be shown found (yes, documented, like in college) before 1650 in the specific language or culture and constructed appropriate to naming conventions in said time/place. To prevent headaches, familiarize yourself with names that are not register-able at this point in time. Go here at your leisure for the short list.

Next, (if the name isn’t on that list, or invented from LOTR/Anime characters) go to this site and get a feel for if their desired name phrase (e.g. given-name byname) is appropriate:
Then, get your documentation started (if the client hasn’t already) by:

Forms can be found here: or on the Gleann Abhann library inside the Heraldry folder (then, look in the Ruby Herald folder) here

If none of this helps, dig deeper by using the resources found here:

OR by asking your kingdom submissions herald. You will likely need to peer into the books listed here: (which can be found at the library)

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