Gluckhaus Board

Lovely and easy to make 🙂

Beautiful World

I love playing games. Modern games, Medieval games, it makes no never mind to me! I just like having fun!

I was recently introduced to Gluckhaus and I had to make a board I could keep in my pouch to play at events. It’s a very simple board and as markers, I used some old coins I had laying around.

Gluckhaus Board

How to play:

Gluckhaus (House of Fortune) is a German gambling game played with dice.

Gluckhaus is played on a board numbered from 2 to 12 with two 6-sided dice. It is a game for 2 or more players. First mentioned (and condemned) in sermons in the 13th or 14th century, it continued to be a common game until outlawed by the Nazi party.

Gluckhaus boards are often highly decorated, with different scenes appearing in the different squares of the board. Most of these illustrations vary from one board to…

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