A Recipe That Will Curl Your Hair, 11th century Anglo-Saxon Style

Segreti del Pavone

imageAt a recent Herbal Afterrnoon, we finally got around to trying a recipe I’ve been wanting to make for over a year. I found two recipes which claim to curl the hair. One is from the 11th century Anglo-Saxon text,The Leechbook of Bald, considered by many to be the holiest English herbal text. The second is from one of my standbys,The Trotula.. Using 100% human hair extensions as our test pieces we made for the recipes and curled them as follows. The picture above shows the results. The two pieces on the left are from the Anglo-Saxon text and the ones on the right are from the Trotula. Here are the two recipes;

Take mustard seed and rue and make a paste. This will make the hair wyrck (curl)–Leechbook of Bald, 11th century

This recipe concerned me from the beginning which is why we tested…

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