Comportment for Damigellas: KAS Entry

Comportment Paper by Giata Alberti, XLIX Purpose and Introduction In this post I will discuss the comportment (manner of behaving) and deportment (manner of carriage) of a proper lady of the central and northern Italian City-States of the 15th Century, with emphasis on application to courtesies and duties of life in the current Middle Ages. … More Comportment for Damigellas: KAS Entry

Laura Cereta

 LAURA CERETA (1469-1499) Unlike most female humanists of her time, Laura Cereta’s early education came not from her father or some distinguished male tutor, but from women. Born into an upper middle class family, the daughter of Brescian attorney and magistrate Silvestro Cereta, at the age of seven Laura was sent away to a convent for … More Laura Cereta

Italian Surnames From a Cinquecento Armorial

I wanted to share this information on 16th Century Italian Surnames as researched by Coblaith Muimnech, who holds the copyright to the text. Signor Muimnech has separately indexed the place names and house names found in the armorial. Below is a map of the origin of names he listed. Excerpt List of Names from Coblaith’s … More Italian Surnames From a Cinquecento Armorial

A Heraldic Post

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One of the things that I am allowed to do, as both a member of the College of Arms and specifically as a Principal Herald is that I have an opportunity to promote heralds to a rank within the College of Arms called the Herald Extraordinary.  This, per the July…