The Manuscript Challenge

Although I have not attempted to sew an entire garment before once I heard of “The Manuscript Challenge” started by Maria Neijman on Facebook I was hooked. Maria, a living history enthusiast in Sweden, challenged us to choose an outfit from a manuscript and reproduce it, staying true to all visible details and colors, and finish the project within one year. You can find the rules here on her blog and on the Facebook group here, where we share projects and advice on sewing historic clothing.

This is the manuscript I chose:

Silk Dresses from St. Ursula and Her Companions (circa 1380)
Silk Dresses from St. Ursula and Her Companions (circa 1380)

I plan to make the rose-colored gonella di seta with the blue gonella di lino/cottone underneath shown in the center of the scene. I will also re-create the hairstyle (trecce). I plan to use many many buttoni, as they were all the rage then, but these will be decorative buttons 🙂

I am happy to introduce my two new amici, the Annas! My amica, Anna Lindemark is making the same dress I am, and I hope to learn a lot from her. You can follow the twin St. Ursula dress by Anna from Scandanavia at her blog here.

My other amica, Anna Attiliani, lives in Italy and has a fabulous blog you can view here, and is also making a dress for the challenge. She chose the miniature in Theatrum Sanitatis from Biblioteca Casanatense, Ms.4182, tav.117 using a pretty blue wool she was gifted from Naturduche. So follow her for her updates!

Theatrum Sanitatis from Biblioteca Casanatense Ms4182 tav117


Wish us buona fortuna!


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