Roman Obsession

Why am I posting about the Romans on a site dedicated to re-creating a woman of the Renaissance (Venice/ Ferrara/ Florence 1400-1600)? Because Giata would have been obsessed with these tidbits as well 🙂 Of course, we have more information about the Romans than those curious Renaissance ragazzi. In the spirit of anachronism I do not … More Roman Obsession

Giada’s Research Papers and Class Handouts

Below you will find a list of and links to download my past research papers and class materials. Please feel free to use my work for educational purposes (SCA/Living History) as long as you provide proper credit to me. Papers Submitted at Kingdom A&S: Galenus Cold Cream Redaction 2013 Gleann Abhann Stands Alone 2013 Roman Cosmetics … More Giada’s Research Papers and Class Handouts