SCA Arts & Sciences Bio for My Persona

Full Name and Title: La Signora Onorata (The Honorable Lady) Giata Magdalena Alberti, OSL

Location: Barony of Axemoor (New Orleans, LA)

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Personal Bio: Gigi hails from Southern Louisiana and is a social scientist working for the Department of Defense. Her mundane research focus centers on forecasts for social and environmental impact statements. She is also an Italophile and frequently visits Italy to do intensive research for her SCA endeavors. Most recently she created a blogsite to serve as a data repository for all things Italian from which other living history participants can benefit. Her loving husband and two incorrigible cats support her obsession, er, hobby.


Persona Bio: Giata is a Florentine transplant living in Venice. She was born in 1481 to Giacomo and Giovanna Alberti and educated along with her two brothers in the humanist tradition. When she was 13 her merchant/banker father moved her family to capitalize on finance opportunities in Venice, the melting pot and trade gateway to Western Europe. At the age of 17 she was married into an established Venetian family, but widowed within a year when her husband’s vessel was attacked by Ottomans while traversing the Mediterranean. Now, Giata oversees her father’s Canalasso home, Casa Dario, and the weekly salone he holds there. Her love of literature, games, hunting, fashion, debate, classical philosophy, and art is sated by her fathers circle of visiting ambassadors, local patrons, and their talented benefactors. She spends time attending the Duchesses Este and Gonzaga when she visits court at Ferrara and Mantua.


Fields of Expertise and Interests: My favorite areas of historical research are cultural and center primarily on the Toscana, Veneto, and Emilia-Romagna regions of Italy. My research tracks include, but are not limited to; literary arts, music, fashion (dress/accessories), sociology/anthropology (my mundane graduate degree focus), herbal medicine, alchemy (cosmetics recipes), and recreation (gaming and archery). There are many other aspects of Renaissance Italy that pique my interest such as bardic arts and vinting but there are only so many hours in a day. My mundane love of Italian and Spanish language and culture inspired me to create my SCA persona. My mundane expertise in social anthropology and ethnology inspired me to bring that research to life for interpretive reenactors. I am available to assist others and teach classes on heraldry, renaissance cosmetics and perfume, roman cosmetics and perfume, persona development, Italian games, dress in Renaissance Italy, food in Renaissance Italy, and women’s issues of the period. You can find me on facebook as Giata Magdalena Alberti.


Peer: Giata is apprenticed to Dame Etheldred (Dredda) nic Eoghainn

One thought on “SCA Arts & Sciences Bio for My Persona

  1. Wow, your cats are supportive? I find mine usually claw my fabric, lay on my patterns, walk across my paintings, play with my pens, eat my clay models, and are generally pesky little buggers who want my attention away from whatever it is I’m working on and firmly on them, where it rightly belongs. 😉 The only thing I can usually get away with doing is hand sewing, where they can curl on my lap and occasionally bat at my thread.

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